Monday, 20 October 2014

Nights In

For as long as I can remember, I've been a bit of a homebody. When I was in my teens I never used to be into clubbing as much as my friends, and I'd worry I was going to feel left out or that people would think I was boring. Even though I enjoy nightclubs more now I'm at uni, I've come to realise that preferring to stay in on a Saturday night is nothing to be ashamed of. After spending all day at work, there is nothing I enjoy more than logging into Netflix, painting my nails and flicking through a magazine - all the while treating myself to copious amounts of junk food, of course.
Ever since I started blogging I've enjoyed staying in even more. I really look forward to coming home and checking my Bloglovin feed, writing posts and gathering inspiration for future content. Due to having uni work and a job, I don't have as much time as I'd like for my hobby, so I do cherish those evenings where I have a couple of hours to myself to do whatever I like. It's the perfect way to de-stress and unwind after a long day. 

Here are a few of my must haves for the perfect night in: 
iPad or laptop (for blogging, online shopping, Facebook stalking) // nail polish // takeaway food // chocolate // face mask of choice (pamper necessity) // scented candles // trashy magazines // bed socks // hot water bottle // extra blankets

Does anyone else often choose staying in over going out? What are your necessities for a cosy night in?

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Goodbye Summer

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It's no secret that I am a Spring/Summer girl. I love warm weather, and would choose a maxi dress and gladiators over ankle boots and thick scarves anyday. Unfortunately for me, it's almost time to say goodbye to my favourite season - sob :( Therefore, I decided to hunt Flickr for some beautiful Autumn-inspired photos to get me excited for the coming months. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Autumn - I love Halloween, and the countdown to Christmas leaves me feeling like a giddy 5-year-old again (yes, I just said the C word). There's also something very satisfying about coming in from a long, crisp walk and treating yourself to a mug of hot chocolate. I just always feel a bit sad when the nights draw out and the trees begin to lose their leaves. I think I may need to invest in some new A/W wear in order to cheer myself up!

Do you mourn the end of summer as much as I do? What's your favourite season? 

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Still Alive

I've been a rubbish blogger as of late. I can't stand seeing my little site looking so neglected, but finding time to sit down and post has been a bit of a challenge recently. I've been working more than usual and felt ill all last week, so any time off I've had has been spent zoning out in front of the TV. It's not that I'm feeling uninspired - I still enjoy blogging more than ever - I'm just worried about my content not being interesting enough. I've been trying to save up so I haven't been able to splurge on products to review, I've not been doing much in the day due to work and when I return home from my shifts the lighting is usually too poor to take pictures in. I'm very jealous of those bloggers who manage to produce beautiful photographs and imaginative posts on a regular basis while maintaining a full-time job and a social life - how do you do it?!

I'm going to be without internet for a little while as of tomorrow night, which means posting may continue to be slow for the next few weeks. Although I'm obviously going to miss it, part of me thinks it's a blessing in disguise. I've ordered a stack of books to keep me busy for when I'm not at work, and I'll be spending some quality time with my box sets. I'm looking forward to switching off for a bit, getting a good nights sleep rather than trawling Pinterest till the early hours, and seeing my boyfriend more. I'm hoping I'll return feeling refreshed and much more motivated!

I'll still be reading your comments, catching up on my favourite blogs and posting whenever I have the chance. Just bare with me - I'm not going anywhere for long, promise! :) x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Like the majority of the female population, I took dance lessons as a child. I carried on doing ballet during my late teens but eventually had to stop due to University commitments. Although I've never had the grace or drive to dance professionally, I still love anything related to ballet - I even have a board on Pinterest dedicated to it. It's amazing how something that looks so fluent and effortless actually takes many years of grueling work and motivation. I'm sure anyone who has danced - or watched Black Swan - will know what I'm talking about!  

I'm hoping to take up ballet again sometime in the near future. Not only is it enjoyable, it's great exercise and fab for your overall flexibility and strength. Even gentle movement at the barre is perfect for toning your body, especially your legs and bum! Many people believe that you have to be very young to start ballet, and while it's true that you should ideally start classes as a child if you want to dance professionally, there's no rules against perusing it for fun and fitness at any age. It really is a beautiful art and always generates lots of interest! 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Clarins Instant Smoothing Self Tan

While I fake tan my body on a regular basis, I usually leave my face alone due to fear of breaking out. However, I'd heard wonderful things about the Clarins Instant Smoothing Self Tan so I decided to give it a go. It's supposedly inspired by the brand's award-winning Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch primer, the only difference being this provides you with a touch of colour. The product claims to fill in fine lines, smooth pores and perfect your complexion, all the while giving your skin a healthy, sun-kissed glow. Needless to say I was excited to put it to the test!

The tan is a smooth, creamy consistency which is easy to apply and distribute across the skin, while the guide colour ensures a natural, streak-free colour. A lot of reviews I read stated that the product has a very distinctive marzipan scent, but I don't find it too strong. Your finger tips will smell of fake-tan if you forget to wash your hands post-application, but thankfully you can't detect any fragrance on the face!

I've been using the tan on and off for about two weeks and my thoughts are mixed. While I think it gives my face a lovely colour, I really don't like the way it sits under my makeup. A few people have stated that it feels greasy on the skin, but I actually find it quite drying. The day after I purchased this I popped some on over my moisturizer and waited 10 minutes or so before applying my foundation. I checked my face in the mirror throughout the day to find my makeup looked a bit flaky and grubby - my skin appeared as if it had been over-powdered and I felt like I had tons of product on. When my makeup sat perfectly on top of my regular primer the following day, I knew my flaky complexion had been down to Clarins.

On the plus side I have been enjoying having a nice bronzed face. My skin looks like I've enjoyed two weeks in the Bahamas rather than spending my mornings slapping fake tan on. My acne scars appear much less prominent and my face finally matches my neck, meaning I can go out without makeup and not look completely weird. Most importantly, I've not broken out! Hurray.

While I do think this a nice product and I will enjoy using it up, I can't help but feel a bit disappointed. I know that it's not technically advertised as a primer so I don't want to be too picky, but I feel it hasn't really lived up to my expectations. It does make my face look beautifully bronzed and I will continue to use it as a self tanner, but as a primer I'm not a fan. I think £19 is a lot of money to pay for a product that doesn't really blow me away, so I don't think I'd repurchase.

Have you ever tried the Clarins Instant Smoothing Self Tan? What did you think?