Thursday, 21 May 2015

My Favourite Disney Films

Like every kid who grew up in the 90's, Disney movies were my life. I had all the classics on VHS and would watch them constantly. At 24-years-old, I still have a huge soft spot for Disney and its films continue to be a real comfort to me - it sounds cheesy, but I think they're the perfect way to escape reality for a little while and they always remind me of a simpler time! I've seen a few 'Favourite Disney Films' posts on blogs recently and I love reading them, so I thought I'd do my own.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

How to Make the Most of Your Trip to the Hairdressers

An ill-fated trip to the hairdressers is every girl's nightmare. When you're investing time and money into an appointment, it's awful when your locks don't turn out the way you wanted them to. Of course, some hairdressers are absolutely amazing and I've had some truly lovely results from salons I've visited in the past, but at the same time, I've had some real disasters. I thought I'd include a few below:

  • When I was 14, I had some sort of bizarre epiphany and decided I wanted to hack off my long hair. I told the stylist I wanted it shoulder length. In my head, 'shoulder length' meant bouncy curls cascading gracefully against my decolletage. Unfortunately, my stylist didn't share the same vision and chopped it literally just above my shoulders (duh). I cursed myself for not being clear enough and cried the whole way home. 
  • One stylist accidentally dyed my hair grey the day before my prom. Eight years later and I still cringe whenever I look at pictures. 
  • Around 3 years ago I decided to treat myself to an appointment at an super fancy hairdressers nearby. Armed with a picture of Mollie King, I went in and requested natural yet light blonde highlights. After almost three hours in the chair, I looked in the mirror to find my hair had been transformed into a moss green mess. My stylist then had the cheek to charge me £120 for it. 

To avoid any of the above happening again, I now ensure I prepare myself properly before visiting the hairdressers. Here are the things I believe you should consider if you want to leave your salon happy:

Friday, 15 May 2015

How to Identify a Toxic Friendship

Who we choose to spend time with has a huge impact on our lifestyle. A good friend should be loyal, trustworthy, supportive and genuine, all the while keeping you stable and strong. If you've experienced or are going through a toxic friendship, you will know how much of a toll it can take on your happiness. 

Unfortunately, not everyone who enters our lives means well and sometimes relationships take a turn for the worst. Poisonous 'friends' can have a hugely negative effect on your well-being, sucking your energy and leaving you emotionally exhausted. If you feel an acquaintance falls under any of the points listed below, then perhaps it's time to reconsider your relationship with them... 

Friday, 17 April 2015

20 Problems Only Retail Staff Will Understand

I've worked in and out of retail since I was 16 and have more than likely experienced every dilemma under the sun. If there's one thing that really tries your patience, it's working in a shop. Of course, retail isn't all bad - it can be a great way to earn money while you're at college/uni, the hours are flexible and some of the people I've worked with have become life long friends. There are, however, times where it has made me want to cry/scream/become a hermit. This list is dedicated to all those who have had days ruined by bitchy colleagues and irritating customers. How do we cope?! 

Of course, this post is just a bit of light-hearted fun and shouldn't be taken seriously! I actually really enjoyed writing it - I guess it's true that ranting is good for the soul sometimes. Maybe GIF posts will become a common occurrence, we'll see!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Liberty Flowers and Camellia's Tea House

Last week my family and I went to London for a few days for my sister's birthday. It was so nice to have a bit of a break from being hunched over the computer, typing up my final major project! The last few times I've visited London have been for blogging events or uni trips, so it was lovely to play tourist and spend some time shopping and sightseeing. Although it's only a few hours away and I've been hundreds of times, I always feel like there's so many things left for me to see and do there. Being the Easter holidays it was stupidly busy but the weather was gorgeous which made up for it.